Furlitian Tales & Other Stories

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If you enjoy reading outside the realm of humanity's egocentric view point-check out these books!
In The Furlites of Aroriel books, the alien families are people, but not Homo Sapiens or even hominid!! Though not human, they love, fear, work, play, and strive to find answers about the universe around them. The best description for these books is, "alien family saga", which in itself is a weird little category all its own.

Khan: A Maine Coon is the story of one of the author's Maine Coon's life through his eyes. With the exception of his 1st three months of life, the fantasy elements, and the cat characters speaking-the story is true. Illustrations include actual photographs of the characters.

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The White Dragons of Suvwilur & Other Stories is a collection of tales from creatures as diverse as Feklaar, the white dragon forced into first contact with the dangerous Humans on his world, Princess Tulitara of the Unicats, who is kidnapped, an appaloosa Pegasus who triumphs over his insecurities as he comes of age, and Kaekodemon, who is murdered and returns as a spirit to enact revenge on her killer for her kittens.

OLD GENT  is a semi-fictional biography about a beloved Norway Spruce tree, showing his long life from the tree’s point of view. Full release of this tale is planned for late Aug-Sept 2013! Special hardcover edition available on Lulu.com!

CURSE OF KORIS , a Furlites of Aroriel novel, follows the story of Kutius, Murkuria's nemesis, through his childhood into adulthood, as he endures events and heartbreak that shapes his life, until he decides to break the curse of his ancestor.

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News! In the works! For my Khan: A Maine Coon fans! The sequel to KHAN: A MAINE COON, (working title is MAINE COON KAI)) Kai deserves his story told for the unique and loving cat he is. At 12 years old, he developed kidney disease, and passed away on January 26, 2015. I realized his tale needs telling as much as Khan's did.
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