Furlitian Tales & Other Stories

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Left-Photo from KHAN: A MAINE COON Epilogue. Kai and Phantom.  Above from KHAN: A MAINE COON. Khan at 3 months old.

Left; Watercolor pencil illustration from KHAN: A MAINE COON. Khan faces down Damien.

Above: From KHAN: A MAINE COON. Khan with kitten Indy.

Below-illustrations from The Furlites of Aroriel.

Left-Elara and Teseuis from Chap 6, Book One-On Matissia Wings.  Right- Geupetus, Nethunia, Orios, Isea, Rania and Telluris from Chap 4 Book One-On Matissia Wings.

From Book Two-Earth-bred, Matiisia-born -- the Felakoons plotting to help their own cause.
BELOW Illustrations from other books
From The White Dragons of Suvwilur and Other Stories - The Pegasus Appaloosa stallion Wind Lord, the protagonist in HALFBREED